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Northern Winds Outfitting
Featured Outfitter
6501 35th Ave, Calgary, T3B1S7
Phone: (403) 874-8918

Our Alberta guided coyote hunts offer a fun, fast-paced predator hunt to those looking to capitalize on Alberta's large population of un-pressured coyotes. Coyotes in Alberta average 6 pups per litter, but litters can sometimes be as large as 18 pups, making this an extremely target-rich predator hunting destination. Weighing up to 50 lbs, they are a top predator in our area. Our coyotes see very little hunting pressure and with a little winter weather they are more than willing to be coaxed into a calling sequence.

Alberta Bush Adventures
McLennan, T0H2L0
Phone: (780) 324-2174, Cell: (780) 523-8658

Alberta Bush Adventures offers wolf & coyote hunts in Northwestern Alberta, home to the world's largest wolves. Consecutive mild winters have the ungulate populations rising dramatically. This provides more food for wolves in turn boosting the wolves population.

Alberta Native Guide Services
13331 - 106 Street, Edmonton, T5E 4T7
Phone: (780) 478-1988

Alberta Native Guide Services knows that you are looking for a great hunting experience, so we offer a 6 day whitetail deer hunt where you will have an opportunity to hunt moose, mule deer, wolf and coyote once your whitetail tag has been filled. For the price of a licence, the hunter can keep on hunting after he kills his buck or if he does not want to buy another license he can hunt wolf and coyote for nothing. The point is that you will hunt for the full six days. Our hunting guides want you to remember your experience with us and come back again and again.

Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts
Box 1377, Rimbey, T0C2J0
Phone: (403) 357-4499

Join us on a winter adventure your not soon to forget! There is nothing as exciting as a coyote slinking in or running full bore into your electronic calls. Or maybe sitting in the middle of the boreal forest at -30C staring at a wolf bait and hearing the distant lonely howls, knowing they are working their way into your bait site. If either one stirs up your blood, we are here to make that a reality. Action packed is the only way to describe these winter predator adventures.

Flight 51
Phone: (800) 847-0834

The coyote population in southern Alberta is bordering on ridiculous. Our clients will see multiple coyotes during their stay with us. The chance to pursue these predators is endless and tags are available for our clients to hunt coyotes depending on the season.

Freeman River Adventures
Ft. Assiniboine, T0G 1A0
Phone: (780) 333-5371

Freeman River Adventures offers top quality wolf hunts and coyote hunts in central Alberta, Canada. Wolves are without question one of the most exciting animals to hunt because they can be very cunning. Taking an Alberta wolf home may be your best trophy ever.

Garrett Bros. Outfitting
Box 784, Breton, T0C 0P0
Pat Garrett: (780) 621-7989

Winter Wolf/Coyote hunts. We realize that your hunt is not only about taking the animal of a lifetime but to feel welcome and have fun, stay in comfortable clean accommodations and eat well. None of us would expect anything less on an outfitted hunt. You can be sure everything is taken care of with Garrett Bros.

Great White Holdings
22 Wedgewood Cress, Edmonton, T6M 2N4
Phone: (780) 487-8825

Predators are very abundant throughout Alberta, from yipping coyotes in the prairies to the deep howls of the grey wolves in the dark boreal forest. There is nothing more chilling than hearing a howl echo through the brush as a hunter waits for a shot. This is one of the coolest things about K9’s – they are all highly vocal and respond well to calls, whether it is mimicked vocalizations or prey distress calls. We use both techniques as well as baiting on our predator hunts. We operate the hunts from two separate camps, coyotes from our deer camps in central Alberta and wolves from the bear camp in the northern boreal forest.

Groat Creek Outfitters
PO Box 1325, Whitecourt, T7S1P2
Phone: (780) 779-5280

Over 25 Years of Hunting Experience. Extremely High Success Rate. Dozens of Proven, Scouted Tree Stand and Ground Blind Locations Welcoming Hunters of All Ages & Abilities (Wheelchair Friendly). Archery, Rifle & Black Powder Hunts Family Owned & Operated! At Groat Creek Outfitters you will experience a full service, high quality hunting opportunity! Our entire outfit is devoted to making your adventure with us a success! Groat Creek Outfitters operates from Northwestern Alberta, Canada, approximately two hours NW of the Edmonton International Airport. We invite you to come hunt with us, as Alberta offers a very unique and rewarding hunting experience. We will make every effort to ensure that your time spent with us will be an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Mackin Outfitting
Box 2516, Claresholm, T0L 0T0
Phone: (403) 625-0657

Our coyote hunts are operated from December thru to the end of March. When most hunting seasons have closed you can still take advantage of coyote hunting which is one of the most exciting action packed hunts around. The open terrain and the high numbers of these wary predators in the Southern Alberta foothills give hunters an exciting hunting opportunity. We use numerous calling methods to lure the coyotes in for a close shot or we test out our optics for a long range shooting opportunity. Hunters can expect to see numerous coyotes on a daily basis. Either snow camouflage or a grassland pattern such as Kings Desert Shadow or Prairie Ghost is recommended depending on the time of the hunt.

Red Willow Outfitters
Valleyview, TOH-3NO
Phone: (780) 524-4574

Our wolf hunts run from December 1 - March 15 as this is the best time of year to hunt these predators. We use bait, spot and stalk, and calling. At this time of the year there is snow so we travel by snowmobile while hunting. We expect kill percentages at about 50%. Because wolves in our hunting area have drastically increased and there is such an abundance of wolves and coyotes there is no limit on the number of wolves you can take.

Smoky River Outfitting
Box 521, DeBolt, TOH 1BO
Phone: (780) 957-3100

Alberta wolf hunts can be very rewarding. Our wolves can be grey, black, blue, white and rust colors. These ultimate predators makes a great trophy. Over the last few years the wolves in our hunting area have drastically increased. Our wolf hunts run from September to March. Because of our abundance of wolves and coyotes there is no limit. The best time to hunt wolves is February. The snow is the deepest and the wolves are hungry, they hit bait best at this time. We do some predator calling but majority is from a blind over bait. A typical bait site is very remote with miles and miles of hard packed ski-doo trails leading through deep snow to the bait site.

Straight Arrow Outfitters
Tees, T0C-2N0
Phone: (403) 350-4558

Straight Arrow Outfitters offers good quality Predator hunts for Coyotes. These predators are plentiful throughout the area and can be found almost anywhere. The months December, January, February are when the hunts will take place, as this is after the regular hunting season and when the Coyotes pelts are at their premium quality. These hunts can be conducted in a variety of ways, including calling, sitting over carcasses found in the wild or even a dead farm carcass that a farmer has placed out, and some small drives to get them moving on slow days.

Take-Em Outfitters
Box 1165, Cold Lake, T9M 1P3
Phone: (780) 207-0688

Our Alberta Coyote hunts are generally fast-paced and action packed with 100% shot opportunity. We do our wolf and coyote hunting over baits in heated stands as well as calling. Timber wolves are a prized trophy and are by nature, extremely elusive.

Willow Creek Outfitters
Nanton, T0L1R0
Phone: (403) 549-0111, Cell: (403) 652-655

This hunt takes place from December through March when these big Alberta coyotes have their heaviest winter fur. We will hunt prime areas in the foothills and prairies where there is an extremely dense population of these cagey predators. Using a variety of attractor calls we will lure these wary animals into shooting distance of our ambush. Most of the shooting opportunities will be at less than one hundred and fifty yards but there is a possibility of a long range shot when a coyote hangs up and cannot be quaxed into close range. Many set ups will produce multiple coyotes which greatly adds to the intensity of the hunt.