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Gut Pile Coyotes-Hunting Coyotes During The Dreaded Deer Season

By Todd Sullivan
Dogbreath Coyote Calls

To the die-hard coyote hunter deer season is nothing more than 30 days or so of some real bad coyote hunting. Cheer up; it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some techniques and tactics that can turn a painfully slow time into a fur time.

In most parts of the country hunting and calling coyotes during deer season turns what is always a challenge into a frustration. Many coyote hunters just stop calling and look forward to the day when the deer hunters finally retreat from the woods. Deer season is a time when coyotes are feasting on gut piles, unfound deer carcasses and badly wounded deer. For an always hungry predator like a coyote that bolts at the slightest smell or sight of a human these are the best of times and the worst of times. Food is plenty and danger is everywhere.

The first order of business is to check your state and local hunting laws concerning coyote hunting during deer season. Some states have rule changes during this time like hunter’s orange requirements, night hunting and gun restrictions.

Where to hunt? Deer hunters, coyotes and coyote hunters in the same area aren’t really a good mix.

If you have permission to hunt coyotes on private land you’ll want to find out in advance if there will be any deer hunters there.

Undisturbed private land can be a great place to hunt especially if it’s bordered by public land. You have to remember, coyotes always have two things on their mind, food and safety. Just like deer they will retreat to areas of low hunter activity during the day and venture out only at night.

Hunting public land is more of a challenge. You may need to spend the first two or three days of deer season scouting not for coyotes but for deer hunters. Without seeing any vehicles for the first few days of deer season you can have some confidence that this area may not be disturbed and is a good place to try calling some coyotes.

You will want to head for the thick stuff. Often times you’re in shotgun territory. No 100 yard shots here. Just like deer, coyotes will retreat to the less disturbed thicker areas for security.

What’s the best time to call? Late evening seems to be the most responsive time. Mornings are tough. Coyotes have ventured out at night and dined at the all you can eat gut pile smorgasbord.

With full bellies, they head back for the safety and security of the thick stuff. Just like after a big Thanksgiving dinner it’s time for a nap. The deer hunters have all crunched their way into the woods and announced there presence. Evenings are quieter and coyotes are ready to move out for another venison feast.

What’s the best call to use? Distress calls don’t seem to work. What coyote would want “rabbit again” when then can have fresh venison? The most productive call seems to be short bursts of group yipping or a coyote pair yipping and howling. Because of the need to sound like multiple coyotes electronic calls are best for this.

It’s true. Deer season is a little tougher on a coyote hunter but these tips and tricks will help you get the coyote hunting fix you so desperately need. Now put a smile back on your face and go shoot some coyotes!