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10 Gauge Outfitters

10 Gauge Outfitters
Tim Weddington - Owner
886, 90th Ave.
Kinsley, KS 67547

Contact Info:
Phone: (316) 680-4274


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Coyote Hunting at

Kansas Coyote hunting on 16,000 acres of prime Coyote country in south west Kansas. This property hosts a variety of game including bobcats, fox, coyotes, and badgers.

We use several different coyote calls that are actual recorded sounds by wildlife technologies. We believe that this method is most effective when calling coyotes. Join us for a varmint hunt that you will not soon forget...

Packages -

Two Days, Two Nights

  • 1 Hunter is $1995.00
  • $ 1499.00 / person for groups of 2 hunters
  • $ 1399.00 / person for groups of 3 hunters
  • $ 1299.00/  person for groups of 4 hunters

Includes: Food, Lodging, Guide Transportation

Other Hunts With

10 Gauge Outfitters offers other great hunts:

  • Kansas Pheasant Hunting - 10 Gauge Outfitters fully guided pheasant hunts the small pheasant hunting group or corporate pheasant hunting trips with up to 20 people. These are first class hunts all you need to bring is gun, ammo and Kansas license.
  • Kansas Prairie Dog Hunting - We have access thousands of acres of prairie dog towns less than 30 minutes from our lodging facilities. We offer year round prairie dog hunting, so give us a call and get your prairie dog hunt booked. May be combined with other varmint hunts call for combo hunt prices.
  • Kansas Whitetail Hunting - Kansas Whitetail hunts with 10 Gauge Outfitters. Big Kansas Bucks! That's why your here. We offer guided trophy Whitetail hunts on over 16,000 acres of intensely managed prime Kansas habitat.
  • Kansas Rio Grande Turkey Hunting - Spring and Fall Hunts available. Shotgun and Archery hunts.

About Your Hunt With

Here at 10GaugeOutfitters first and for most we try to provide our client with the hunting experience they dream of. This does not only mean providing the best game possible but providing what an individual perceives as a dream hunt. We believe that you are purchasing our knowledge and access to prime private hunting ground. We also believe that 10Gauge provides an experience soon not forgotten. We know our clients are our best advertising we can have. No matter if we are chasing whitetails or toms, shooting pheasants or prairie dogs, or calling coyotes we must provide friendly, kind, cordial and informative hunting experience.  In all honesty the outfitter 50 miles down the road has the same genetics and game that we provide, so all we can do is provide a better hunting experience. Come join us on your next outdoor adventure and let 10Gauge provide you with the hunt that you dream of. God bless and be with you. - Tim Weddington

Booking with

We are reserving spots for the 2011-2012 Kansas coyote hunting season. Call (316) 680-4274 or email with questions and available hunting dates. Reserve your spots early for preference dates.

Tim Weddington
Owner - 10 Gauge Outfitters
Kinsley, Kansas
(316) 680-4274