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Kansas Coyote Hunting

Directory of 18 Kansas Coyote hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Kansas.

10 Gauge Outfitters
886, 90th Ave., Kinsley, Kansas 67547
Phone: (316) 680-4274

Coyote hunting will be on 16,000 acres of prime Coyote country in south west Kansas. This property hosts a variety of game including bobcats, fox, coyotes, and badgers.

Bird-N-Buck Outfitters
9950 Hwy 20 West, Skiatook, Kansas 74070
Phone: (918) 396-9559

We use several different methods to hunt coyotes and bobcats. The main method we use is to call them in with either mouth or electronic calls or a combination of both.

Buster's Outfitters
PO Box 143, Sun City, Kansas 67143
Phone: (620) 546-5777

Predator hunts for coyote and bobcat. Calling in these animals for a great hunt in the dead of winter is something. The best time is the first serious temperature drop or first snow fall. It’s almost like hunting the rut and all the predators are cruising for food and protecting their hunting grounds. Contact us for availability or to add a predator hunt to any of our other hunting packages. Cost is $500 per day, includes meals and lodging and guide, limited to (2) hunters per guide.

Call of the Wild Outfitters
1303 E 21st , Hutchingson, Kansas 67502
Phone: (620) 727-1444

Predator hunting here in central Kansas is just as fantastic as all of the other hunting. Guide Michael Hoss loves to go when he can and sometimes even Chef Jerry will get out and zap a few varmints when he gets the chance.

Cedar Ridge Outfitters
123 East 1st, Washington, Kansas 66968
Phone: (785) 541-0706

Want an action packed weekend of excitement? Look no further than our 2 day predator hunt. We will provide a 2 day-1 night stay (meals included) to go chase coyotes, while doing our part to protect livestock and wildlife! This hunt is an intense sun-up to sundown in-your-face type of hunt. Can you handle it? Remember, you can choose to purchase a bobcat tag just in case that fickle creature comes into our set.

Flint Hills Adventures
1439 Road 29 , Elk City, Kansas 67344
Phone: (620) 673-4066

Come help us control our predators with a Kansas Coyote Hunting trip or a Kansas Bobcat Hunting trip. Unguided and Guided hunts are available. We are a working ranch, and our main lodge sits on 6,000 acres.

Hanke's Hunts
1510 3rd Road, Waterville, Kansas 66548
Phone: (785) 562-7157

For those who enjoy calling predators, the area has a healthy population of coyotes, bobcats, red foxes and badgers. Located in rural Waterville, Kansas, we are in the heart of great Kansas Deer and Turkey Hunting. Our family-run operation specializes in small, personalized deer hunts, turkey hunts and predator hunts. You will be made part of the family while hunting with us and enjoying home cooked meals. A fully equipped lodge will allow you to rest and relax after your days of hunting and being out in the woods.

Hickory Creek Outfitters
1658 Pioneer Rd, Howard, Kansas 67349
Phone: (586) 337-3169

Enjoy late winter Predator hunting in Kansas on 34,000 acres of draws, creek bottoms, and grasslands. Coyote and Bobcats abound in this area and we like to do our part to control the population.

JMP Outfitters
1237 11th RD , Marysville, Kansas 66508
Phone: (785) 562-5563

Our land is prime for predator hunting. These are fast action hunts and are a favorite of many. We use both hand and electronic calls. This hunt can be guided or do-it-yourself hunting. We have an abundance of coyotes and bobcats lurking around. Trail cameras have captured multiple bobcats and coyotes. The guided hunt is a 2 person minimum hunt. We’ll use a favorite tactic of one hunter having a rifle and the other a shotgun for those up close and personal pleasant surprises. We recommend you bring both a rifle and a shotgun. All JMP Outfitters hunts are fair chase.

K&K Outfitters
317 North 250th, Mulberry, Kansas 66756
Keaton: (620) 249-3003, Kendall: (417) 437-4368

Have an interesting & exciting time with K&K Outfitters as we hunt for Bobcats & Coyotes across Kansas. We guarantee that you will not have more fun than hunting these wild creatures with us.Come and join us on some exciting coyote and bobcat hunting in Kansas. K&K Outfitters has some incredible country to hunt coyote and bobcat. We use calls and hunt from blinds. During the 3 day hunt you stay at our SE lodge. You will not have more fun than hunting coyotes and bobcats with us. It will be a time to remember.

Pipe Creek Guide Service
1695 N. 152nd Road, Minneapolis, Kansas 67467
Phone: (785) 392-7441

Whether you’re interested in guided calling on our farms or would like to try your hand at trapping, we can accommodate it all. We are charging a per day fee and we highly recommend 3 days at least for this hunt, we can do weekends or whatever works for your schedule. Lodging in our lodge is included. There is no limit on Coyotes you can shoot as many as you like we want you to!!

Rebel Ridge Outfitters
PO BOX 752, Syracuse, Kansas 67878
Phone: (719) 792-9209

Rebel Ridge Outfitters specializes in prairie dog hunting, bison hunts and shooting range facilities for long range marksmen. We have added a lodging facility in Westcliffe, CO to facilitate all your high country adventures. Exceptional lodging facilities and an on-site pub and pool hall make this a one-of-a-kind destination. Prairie dog hunts run May 1 - Oct 31. Bison hunts begin November 1 and run through March 31. Our private range facilities are open year round and can be booked anytime. Email us to book your shooting vacation today.

Ringneck Ranch Inc.
HC61 Box 7, Tipton, Kansas 67485
Phone: (785) 373-4835

We are blessed in that our location in northcentral Kansas is recognized as a wonderful, diverse wildlife area that harbors a variety of species. A small community located close to us was identified by Sports Afield as being the #2 ideal location to live in the U.S.A. for sportsmen. Several of the locally available species are detailed in the selections at the right.

Smokey Hills Outfitters
Healy, Kansas 67850
Home: (620) 398-2302, Cell: (620) 397-1853

If you are looking for the greatest hunting experience that western Kansas has to offer, then Smokey Hill Outfitters is here to serve you! Your hunting group will come back year after year to our special hunting destination.

Timber Creek Wildlife Adventures
4858 231st Rd., Atlanta, Kansas 67008
Phone: (620) 394-2393

Timber Creek Wildlife Adventures is located in the southern part of the beautiful and historic Flint Hills.1800 acres of privately-owned family land near Atlanta, Kansas. Our family has occupied this property for nearly 100 years. Timber Creek Wildlife Adventures has just about everything the outdoor enthusiast can hope for.

Timber Hills Lake Ranch
1369 Valley Rd, Mapleton, Kansas 66754
Office: (620) 743-4114, Cell: (620) 224-7191

Predator Hunt. SE Kansas is home to many different predators such as bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and raccoons. Our predator hunts are so much fun that you will be back for sure. We have many packages to offer but one of our favorite's for our guests is our action packed 24 hour experience. Call for details today!

Upland Bird Guide Service
100 E Main Street, Sun City, Kansas 67143
Phone: (337) 380-2700

While hunting these properties abundant wildlife can be seen. During a typical day of pheasant and quail hunting, wildlife commonly seen include white tailed deer in the 150-180 inch class, rio grande turkey in huge numbers, coyote, bobcat, badger, and rabbit along with a wide variety of birds. Hunting with us in this area of Kansas offers you the hunting opportunity of a lifetime- one that will surely be remembered for years to come!

Wicked Outfitters
Lacygne, Kansas
Phone: (816) 918-4325

In Southeast Kansas we have a variety of predators roaming our properties including coyotes, bobcats, along with red and gray foxes. Predator hunting during the off-season and in between guiding big game hunters is one of our favorite past-times. It is also a good management tool for controlling the predator populations on our properties. We offer guided hunts for these animals which involve coaxing them with mouth calls or the use of an electronic caller. Coyotes and foxes mostly fall victim to the call, but occasionally, a bobcat may stalk-in to check out the situation. Be prepared for an adrenaline rush and fast shooting when any of these critters come charging in!